O3 business planning & action

Implement Your Organizations Strategy With Concrete Actions

The concept of initiatives in Actions deepens, allowing to define more complete tools, that include from milestones up to indicators and such, which evaluate their implementation. At the same time, a powerful display is added to capture the status of all those actions carried out in your organization.

Reflect the Organization Strategy

O3 BP&A offers many ways to represent your organization's structure, identifying the business units and involving people in a strategic focus. In this way different parties can be proactively notified about the follow-up or fulfillment of their own tasks.

Innovate management with Control Boards

A powerful control tool over the management of your organization based on your vision and strategy. Versatile and adaptable to several methodologies in particular to Balanced scorecard. It has the ability to generate dashboards, strategy maps, cause-effect relationships, dependency build maps and actions display, among other things.

Create your own Dashboards freely

O3 BP&A allows each user to customize each strategic vision into useful Dashboards in a simple way and with no needs for technical support. The objectives, indicators or maps that required daily revision are selected first, and are then given the best graphic representation. In this way it is possible to define operative, tactical or strategic Dashboards, according to the information included in each one.

Empower the strategic and operative planning of your organization

The Plans Module allows the definition and communication of your Strategic Plans, involving all the organization in the undertaking of long and short term lines of action. Controlling the progress and fulfillment of objectives by means of indicators, with views to the obtainment of the plan’s expected results.

Integration with analysis models

The analysis features from O3BP&A can be supported through the dynamic analysis of the O3BI results. The values from indicators as well as their goals may result in screens from O3, accessible by clicking on one of the options on the board, so as to make a query with greater detail.

O3 Business Planning & Action is the product of Ideasoft to empower and simplify the strategic and operational planning of organizations.

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